Saturday, June 13, 2009

An excursion to the shore

I really needed to take a trip out the coast. I needed to see the ocean - feel the sea spray on my face - breathe in the air. I told Kevin we were going for a drive and off we went. It was good to be behind the wheel for a trip longer than the usual drive to work or the grocery store.

We headed down to Half Moon Bay. We haven't been there is quite a few years. It was nice to walk around down town. There were some nice little shops - even a yarn store! There were some empty store fronts. I found this ironic:

Ironic - don't you think?

Didn't they violate their own request?

There were a few murals around town, but it was rare to see one actually in progress:

Mural in Progress - Half Moon Bay

After we had seen what there was to see - and the stores were closing as it was 5 pm - we headed over to the beach and decided to talk a walk. We started on the beach and ended up on the paved path. But, as you can see, it was a beautiful day:

On the Beach - Half Moon Bay

Doggies in the surf, horses with riders on the shore.

We also saw quite a few pelicans - all of them in the air! We saw at least half a dozen groups/flocks fly by.


We ended our day in Half Moon Bay at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

We enjoyed our tasters. Instead of ordering full meals, we ordered appetizers which consisted of the Fresh Seafood Sampler and the Fried Seafood Sampler. The Fresh Seafood Sampler was excellent! Is consisted of Ceviche of fresh fish, Bay shrimp, lime juice, cilantro and spices from the Yucatan. A wonderful raw Ahi was also served that was nicely seasoned. This was served with a mango salsa, fried won tons and tortilla chips. I would highly recommend this sampler and look forward to trying it again should we have the opportunity to go back. The Fried Seafood Sampler consisted of Calamari (tender, not chewy), Beer Battered Mahi Mahi (good, but I prefer Halibut or Cod) and deep fried oysters. I have never liked oysters, and thought this might be a good way to try them in a different presentation. I still don't understand why people like oysters. Ugh.

Of the tasters, I would say we enjoyed the Sandy Beach Hefe the most. Close behind was the Mavericks Amber Ale and Pillar Point Pale Ale. As usual, the IPA was too bitter for our taste.

Another great brew experience. At least we know where to go when we're down on that part of the coast!

Getting ready for some tasters

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