Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project Linus Blanket

I started this two years ago, and I decided it just had to get done.

Project Linus in Red Heart!

This is taken without the flash so you can see the texture.

Project Linus 8/7/07

This is an early picture of the project that shows the true color and stitch definition.

I used - sitting down? - Red Heart!! I still of a ton of that plastic crap in my stash. At least it's done. God, it felt awful knitting with that stuff. The pattern is from Knitting for Peace, and excellent resource for charity knitters.

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Sandy said...

Looks great, will hold for ever. Red Heart plays well year after year. You're making me feel better with my WIP. Some are sooooo long in the making, I've lots interest. I really do need to get them finished though.