Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Observations of the Day

I had to go into the City today, which meant taking BART. For those outside NoCal, that's San Francisco and the commuter train.

It's been awhile since I went to the City, the Financial District to be exact. Probably a year or more. So, as I'm listening to Queen on the iPhone and trying to read a technical manual, I start noticing things.

As we're passing through West Oakland, and a train passes going the other way, with the cranes and containers and rail yards, I could just as easily be in an East Coast city. There is probably someone back East looking out the window on their train and thinking something similar and that just seems weird.

There is a young woman across from me that is studying the ends of her hair and constantly fiddling with her earbuds.

The guy directly in front of me is on his iPhone and finds something on it hella funny. His fingers are moving much faster than mine.

The older gentleman is trying desperately to stay awake. No luck. Same goes for about 3 other people within my line of site.

My station is coming up. Better go.

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