Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the winner is....................

I entered State Fair again this year. I was a little surprised at the results, and I don't know what to think anymore. Anyway, post your feedback. I'm very interested in hearing your opinion.

Olde English Needleroll

Sorry that the picture isn't better. I finished this one a while ago and decided to enter this on a whim. It is a beautiful shade of lavender, and usually has a special place in my curio.

From the judge: "Lovely little needle roll - color and stitch selection gives true "vintage " look."

Result: 1st Place - Counted Cross Stitch, Unframed Piece

Fairy Idyll - fixed and reframed

This is really one of my favorite pieces and can take over a room. I replaced the antique gold tone frame because I thought it over powered the piece. Guess I was wrong.

From the judge: "Stitching has good tension. The details of the frame compete to be the main focus. Nicely shaded colors."

Result: Not selected for award

Which means it won't be shown. If you would like to see MEGA detail of the picture, go here. The beading, which I thought would be mentioned, as it is directional to suit the flow, was not addressed. On this one, I feel slighted. It may have something to do with the fact I'm a little emotionally attached to this one.

Sprint Morning revamp

Those who are familiar with Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs will now that these types of charts are not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of specialty stitches, and a laying tool was used liberally to insure proper placement of threads.

From the judge: "Sparkling, glittery design. (that would be the Swarovski Crystal, but I digress) The lack of variety in the size of motif groups makes it hard to find a true focal point. Good variety in stitch selection."

Result: 2nd Place - Other Counted Techniques, Sampler

**The needlework was judged by the same person - "BC"

Passport to the Redwoods

I tried to keep it simple this year, as I found that was the basic draw of the prize winners last year. That seems to have been a good idea.

From the judge: "Map w/strings is clever (and they line up across the pages!) Nice, clear layout."

Result: 1st Place - "Scrapping " Through California, Holiday or Vacation Theme

I may have pandered here a little bit. I waited until I found out what the theme of the Fair would be this year, and used that in the theme, which is "Passport to California". I had already decided to do the coastal redwoods, so it worked out fine and now I have a theme of the entire scrapbook on our trips along the Lost Coast. Win - Win.

I just want to go on record that I did the next three the night before I had to drop this stuff off in Sacramento. I entered a month before. Nothing like waiting until the v-e-r-y-l-a-s-t-m-i-n-u-t-e to get it done.

Birthday Wishes

From the judge: "Nice clean card. Embellishments would add to the card"

Result: Award of Merit - Card Crafting Contest, Birthday

Thinking of You

From the judge: "Be careful with adhesive - you don't want any excess to show. Mats should be upright and evenly spaced. Love the saying!"

Result: Not selected for Award


Quick note - I bought some of the glass beads in a shop in Eureka last year. I wanted to make something different and submit it to Fair. I started this at 10:30 pm 5/14 and finished 2:30 am 5/15. It was at Fair at 11:30 am on the 15th. As I said - last minute!

From the judge: "Very nice work. The colors and balance are spectacular. Perfect tension on stringing and the findings have been chosen nicely. Just an overall great piece. Good job!"

Result: Honorable mention - Bead Art, Jewelry Art

Let me state further, this is the third beaded necklace that I have EVER made and the first time using wire and crimps. Not too bad. I already have ideas for next year.

That's it - let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your awards! You do such lovely work all around, dear.

re: the sitting faerie: omg those are BEADS! WOW. couldn't tell that from the fb post and STILL thought it was spectacular. You were robbed.

re: the scrapbook pages - there is no shame in winning by doing what the winner determiners want. really a great idea. ~Lisa

Missy Thomas said...

I'm sorry, were the judges BLIND? Unbelievably beautiful work! I love the "Polka" matting. I thought it lent to the whole wimsy of the piece. Apparently the judge missed it! You were definitely robbed. I truly enjoy your work!!!