Friday, January 14, 2011

Meh - It was ok

First - let me say that after having seen this place boarded up and neglected for years, Oakland did a fine job resurrecting this old classic:

Joe Satriani - Fox Theater, Oakland, 1/13/2011
It is beautiful inside and out. For that alone, I am thankful I went out last night. Also, had awesome sushi at Ozumo in Oakland. Need to go back there again.

The reason we went to Oakland was to see him -
Joe Satriani - Fox Theater, Oakland, 1/13/2011
Joe Satriani. Rock Legend.

Joe Satriani - Fox Theater, Oakland, 1/13/2011
Sammy Hagar came out for a couple of songs. That was fun.

Joe Satriani - Fox Theater, Oakland, 1/13/2011

But Joe spent the most part of the evening taking us to, and leaving us in, the stratosphere. You need to come down, and not just at the end. For the love of God, can you stay away from the whammy bar for a minute or two? Does each song have to be an epic endeavor?

I love music. I love concerts. I wanted to leave after half an hour, because it all sounded like one note at the neck pickup. Only once did the acoustic come out and he played it for maybe two minutes. It was beautiful. Melodic and almost ethereal. Then back to the break-neck, bass battering clamor.

I'm an old school head banger. Metal has been a passion since I was 17. I couldn't take this. I've seen Judas, Maiden, AC/DC, and would gladly see them again. Satch is on my "don't repeat" list.

Two hours later it was over and I felt every minute of it. After two hours with Springsteen, I want two more. I'll play the music on the way home just to keep the experience going. I had hoped to hear "Down, Down, Down" or "Chords of My Life", even "Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing". If all I heard was "Always With me, Always With You", I would have walked away happy and content. All the songs seemed to be variations of "Satch Boogie".

Hence the title of the post. Meh. It was ok. Check another one off the bucket list.

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