Monday, January 30, 2012

One month down

I met some of my objectives this month. I have been taking my health more seriously and decided to go see some specialists. Best thing I've done in a while. My meds have been changed - and reduced. I feel a bit like a pin cushion with the amount of blood work that has been done, but I have more answers now then I do questions. Coming off the old meds has been more difficult than I would have thought and I am happy they are leaving my system. I feel much better than I have in a long time, but this is only the start of a new journey, not the end.

What else have I accomplished? I have read three books so far. Not bad. I have also completed four Snuggle Blankets for charity. I'm very happy that I started on this first this year. I hope I will be able to finish up a few more and take them over to ARF next month. Next, I plan on finishing up a bunch of chemo caps and getting those over to the the Halos of Hope booth at Stitches West at the end of February. I have quite a few done now, so I may also send some to Headhuggers.

I have also managed to get some scrapbooking done. I finished one calendar that I have hanging at work. I also am working on one for home and one for Kevin's office. For some reason, the last two are taking longer than I would have liked as I'm having some difficulty finding the "perfect" pictures.

I joined two online scrapbooking classes to focus some of my creativity. Both were offered through Big Picture Classes. Two designers that I have taken classes from before are leading these. One is Cathy Zielske and the Move More, Eat Well 2012 group. This is following my plan of getting some sanity back in my life as it pertains to my health. The other is Ali Edwards and her class is called One Little Word 2012. This class focuses on using one one word throughout the year that represents a goal or objective. For me, these two classes go hand in hand towards my overall goals and objectives for the year. We'll see how it goes.

The other positive outcome for January is our trip to Las Vegas. We had a very enjoyable weekend, but I think I spent too much while I was there. On the upside, I have lots of new projects to work on! Having a few days of downtime and being able to just wander and not have any deadlines was a nice break from the norm. I really like going to Vegas, especially this time of year. The weather was perfect - it was in the 60's. Just my kind of weather!

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