Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coupling Socks

I don't know which surprised me more - that it took me almost two months to finished these, or that if I had just worked on them they would have been done in 4 days. I finished the first one as we were driving through Santa Barbara last weekend. I learned two new techniques with these: a short row heel with a heel flap and a tubular bind off.

I liked the pattern. I liked the yarn. I like the way they look. I like the way they fit. Maybe they took so long because they aren't they type of sock knitting that allows for glancing.

I like to look up from my work in regular intervals. It allows for TV watching and taking in the scenery. These were not conducive to that habit. That's probably what took so long. In any case, I cast in another pair of socks on Friday and I still have a pair of Tofutsies on the needles that I need to finish.

Here are the specs: Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the colorway Parrot. Knit using the 2 circ method with size 2US needles. The pattern in Coupling for

Here are the socks completed:

Coupling - Fleece Artist Sea Wool

Here is the detail:

Coupling - Fleece Artist Sea Wool

They are pretty, fit very well, and I am sure will become a favorite before long. I can also say these are the first toe up socks that I have made where I am completely happy with the bind off. The cuff is loose and comfortable!

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