Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Fling Bag

Summer Fling

Here is the first bag I have written a pattern for. It's available on my website. I was really happy with the way it turned out! The yarns I used were Cascade 220 in #8910 Citron and Crystal Palace Squiggle Print in #9547 Tulips. I purchased both of these at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, CA.

I'm working on a focus of Eco Clever Crafting, which is a philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling. It also plays into the fact that I don't have the budget to buy whatever I want, or even buy in some cases what I need! So, I've been cruising thrift stores for ideas. The handles were from a handbag I got at Good Will that cost me $2. It was a hand made bag with beading, so I recycled the beads as well for a future project.

When comparing Brown Sheep to Cascade 220 when it comes to felting, I like Cascade 220 much more. If you have had experiences felting with different wool brands, let me know what you like. I would enjoy hearing about it!

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