Monday, December 13, 2010

A quick, and brief, apology

There are many of you that have received a very odd email from me from the email associated with this blog. My GMail account was hacked last week (thank you nameless ass wipe in China).

If you received one these annoyances, my apologies.

To Google - thanks for taking my blog offline for 4 days with not a peep or a note. Because the email address I use to post to this blog from my cell phone was also in my contact database, it got hit with spam. The spam-bots found it, and the site was gone.

I am happy to see it back. I will be happier when I get it moved somewhere else.

Both my GMail accounts got hacked this year - by the Chinese - and twice was enough. Oddly enough, though I am spammed to death, my Yahoo accounts have never been hacked. That is worth considering.

I will be back to posting on a regular basis shortly. I keep meaning to stop in and say hello, but there is always something else to take care of.

Take care!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You might want to consider moving to Wordpress. It's also free and I've never had a problem with spam, now that I've moved my blog over there, whereas when I had a blogger blog it was constant.