Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've Become a Joiner....

I knew that at some point, I would join a stitchalong or a knitalong. I've never been much for joining groups - something about the commitment and participation business just didn't appeal to me. I did participate in a stitching group for a while, but we would meet on weekends, and sometimes I had to drive over an hour to get to the meeting place, and I enjoy being a quasi hermit on the weekends.

In 2004, I met three ladies that belonged to a local chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America found here. I became the Chapter President last summer. Once the website has been rebuilt (by me - gulp) I will link to it. We're a fun group of women, with some amazing abilities.

I've had a problem with my right hand since the beginning of the year, and unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done about it for now. Due to some persistent numbness, it is difficult for me to work with a fine needle, which is what I've worked with for years. So I knit. And last night, at our monthly meeting, I knit socks. I found out that one of our new members is a sock knitter too, even teaches sock knitting techniques. Being bi-craftual is a wonderful thing.

But this year, I've become a joiner. In January, I became part of the Lime N Violet Sock Marathon. You can see what we've been up to here. In January, I joined Socktopia, blogged here, with pictures here. In March, I joined the Nancy Bush Group. This month I joined Stashalong, and Crafting for a Cause. Eek!

So much for not being a joiner. I guess the biggest thing I joined is the blogging community. So far so good.

See you soon!

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