Friday, July 11, 2008

FO Friday

This was a busy week, because I was getting ready for Fair. The California State Fair! I am submitting several items for judgment. They include the following:

Violet Stitcher's Toys by Martina Weber of Ch√Ętelaine Designs. It's a Nantucket Basket with a number of goodies inside, including a scissor fob, two bags, a needle case and two pin cushions.

Violets Stitchers Toys

Violets Stitchers Toys

Violets Stitchers Toys

Violets Stitchers Toys

I'm not showing the two pin cushions, since they are personalized and therefore not included in the submission to Fair.

This has been a suspended state of completion for a while. I decided, however, that I needed to finish it this year so that I could submit it for judgment. I really want a Best in Show - which comes with a Golden Bear Trophy - and this is my best bet. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Everything was hand sewn, including the lining to the basket and the cording around the medallion. I did, however, have to glue down the medallion. I couldn't get a needle through the basket weave without damaging it.

Be Mine

Be Mine by Maureen Appleton for The Heart's Content. This is so far the only piece of needlework that I have started AND finished this year. It's a one-over-one piece on 40 ct silk gauze. Magnification was needed for the completion of this piece, but most of the stitching was done with my naked yes - no contacts - no glasses. It really was the only way I was able to insure the consistency of the stitches. Of course, I was holding it like 10" from my nose. I thank my iPod for getting me through this. TV was useless for this one.

Itty Bitty Dreams

Itty Bitty Dreams by Ruth Sparrow for the Twisted Thread. This is also a one-over-one piece, but done on 32 ct linen - something I can see and watch TV at the same time. I finished this a while ago, but within the judging rules.

Summer at the Beach

A scrapbook layout - Summer at the Beach! I really like how this turned out and the idea I had for the pictures was a fun one. I even added twine and shell beads for some additional texture. We'll see how I do. It's been a while since I competed in scrapbooking.

Here are some familiar pieces:

Lombard Socks

Lombard Street that I finished last year.

The Energy Saga

The Energy Saga - also completed last year.

Lavender Haze Embellished

Lavender Haze - knitting completed last year, embellishment completed this year.

Can you tell I want some ribbons? I love competing.

What did I finish this week? I finished my Summer Fling Bag, but I haven't felted it yet. I will take a picture of that when it is completely done. Here it is as a WIP.

Summer Fling Bag

I also finished two snuggles over the 4th of July weekend. Here is one of them. It's twin is navy blue and unphotogenic.

Waterfall Snuggle

Because it has been forever since I knit a washcloth - I give you My So Called Washcloth #6!

My So Called Washcloth #6

Knit in Coats Creme de la Creme Orangetones.

I also finished a couple more eye masks that Kevin will be trying this weekend. I'll post more about those next week.

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cici said...

so many pretty things.. I definitly want to make the so called wash cloth. Nice website. :D