Monday, July 07, 2008

Memorable Moments

Sawyer Glacier

Sawyer Glacier - Alaska - June 2004 - Our first cruise.

What I like most about this picture is that I am in my purple glory, on a boat, and it's cold. A trifecta of goodness.

I still have the sunglasses, but they have a bad scratch on one lens that is realllly distracting. The sweater I am wearing is an Annabel Fox pattern in a Donegal Tweed. The scarf I am wearing is a wool/mohair blend combined with nylon ribbon. This is one of a handful of pictures of me wearing hand knitted items. You can also see the strap of my precious Canon EOS Rebel that my dear husband presented to me days before we left on the trip. It was an early birthday present.

An awesome trip with many memorable moments.

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