Friday, September 26, 2008

Flying Arrows

I signed up for yarnsmackdown. I wasn't really ready for it - I forgot. Then when it hit, I got my dossier and went to town on the socks to get them done and in the mail. I really fell in love with these and hope that I get something as nice in return.

Flying Arrows

Flying Arrows by Helen Waite. I used Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in Blue Blood Red. Oh, they were luscious. I bought the yarn when I visited Idaho last, and had thought to make these for myself. But since I am poor, relatively speaking, and can't afford to buy yarn, I raided the stash. Susan Monroy was my target and her favorite color was red. I sacrificed for her enjoyment and she loved the socks.

To show how far behind I am in posting finished items, these were done sent these off on August 10th. Susan sent me the socks she was working on, and the dossier. They've been done for over a week now, but I have no idea who to send them to. The lady they were intended for (good english?) supposedly withdrew, then didn't. Her target wore the same size, so no harm. But I have emailed Helen and wait to hear. In the interim, there are another pair of socks that are done, that I haven't blogged about and have no home to go to currently.

Sigh - and no one has bothered to kill me yet. I think I may be done with sock competitions for a while.

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