Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Jewel Bag

Jewel Bag

I don't know about this one. In this photo, it's looking a little washed out, which it isn't. I think I'm just too lazy to take another picture.

Jewel Bag WIP

This is how it looked before finishing and felting, and the colors are still pretty true. It's a fuzzy mess now that it's felted and needs a shave.

This is the second time I've had this happen, and there's one common denominator - Lamb's Pride. I like the colors, and I remain ever hopeful. I may try one more time and see what happens. The accent yarn is Pepita by Trendsetter Yarns.

I started this from the top with a garter stitch in Lamb's Pride only. When I moved to stockinette, I alternated the yarns in a set pattern, and increased the size 2 stitches on the sides of the bag every five rows. Perhaps when I have found some handles I like, and figure out whether or not it needs a clasp, I may be happier with it.

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