Monday, November 10, 2008

The Big Zipper in progress

I've hinted at the fact that I do needlework. These elusive creatures come out of hiding every once in a while and taunt me. Making clucking noises and whispering "chicken", I smack them down and show them who's boss.

And if you don't use a skill, you lose it. Nature vs. nurture. Woman vs. fiber.

Big Zipper 1st Update

Doesn't look like much, does it? This is called the Big Zipper, in seven parts, by Bent Creek. The finished dimensions are 21" x 21". I'm stitching in hand, and if you couldn't tell, the whole piece is gridded to match the chart. That took way too long. The finished piece can be found here.


Janet said...

Is this counted cross stitch? I can't tell from the picture but, knowing you, I somehow don't think it is.

Are you going to bring it along on Wednesday nights? or are we too rowdy for you to concentrate? I can't so anything more in that group than plain stockinette or garter. I tried to start Branching Out when I was there this week and ended up having to frog 4 times. I need to find a mindless project for knit nights. Socks. What else?

LivM said...

Ønsker deg og dine en riktig God Jul!