Saturday, November 22, 2008


Cheech & Chong

I was commonly referred to as Miss Goody Two Shoes in High School. Anyone familiar with the Adam Ant song will now the chorus, and that was me. So, some of the Cheech & Chong humor was lost on me at the time, but I have lived vicariously through others, and now appreciate the humor.

They were in Berkeley and we went to see them. We had one interesting thing happen. We were in an older auditorium, and the main breaker went. Tommy came out and tried to calm us down. Someone offered him some weed. He accepted. What little light there was only enhanced the general fog that had taken over the auditorium, if you get what I mean.

If there was ever a time to get a secondary high, this was the night.

They got the lights working again, and Cheech & Chong played out the rest of the act. It was quite fun and now I can take them off my Bucket List.

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