Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spanish Dancer Bamboo

Spanish Dancer Bamboo

There are times, such as this, I really wish I had a dress form.

Once upon a time I purchased Rowan Magazine #25. In it was a pattern called Bamboo, by Kim Hargreaves, that was knit in Cotton Chenille. I had some Cotton Chenille, but it was Sport weight. But I had a lot of it - one of my eBay purchases run amok. I found that if I doubled it, I got gauge. Eureka! I ripped it out three times and finally got serious late last month.

I was restarting the back on New Year's Eve. I worked on it through all the Wild Card games last weekend. Tonight I steam blocked and sewed it up. Tada!

It looks bulky and shapeless, but it fits. There is more fabric than I would like under my arms, but I also tried it on over a t-shirt. I still have nearly 1,400 yards left. Perhaps I will knit a shawl with the rest.

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