Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rare Happenings

We don't often have company. It seems our friends don't travel much, at least in our general vicinity. (LOL) My BFF visited this weekend!

Mr. Powers

Sun burnt from driving up here with the top down in his Mustang, Mr. Powers seems suited in this element. He looks a bit devilish in this photo. Chris, Kevin and I spent the day in Gold Country visiting San Andreas, Black Chasm Caverns in Volcano and finishing the day in Angel's Camp and Murphys.

In Murphys, we had dinner at Growler Craft Brewery. They share the space with a pizza place, and the combination was good. We enjoyed a round of tasters and then settled on individual pints. We all picked something different, which is fun. All of the beers were good, but nothing stood out as exceptional. My palate is becoming too refined! Over the last year I have been spoiled by the riches of micro brews we have tried. We ordered a half and half pizza, which was excellent.

Here are some more photo's from our day in Gold Country...

Murphys, CA

These were throughout Angel's Camp, but this one was in front of Growler's.

A Prince kissing a Frog

My Prince Charming kissing a frog.

Black Chasm Caverns

Inside Black Chasm Caverns - this part of the cavern is "dead", there is no more water coming into it.

Black Chasm Caverns

I love these formations!

Black Chasm Caverns

It's hard to believe this is rock.

Black Chasm Caverns

This is the entrance to the cavern. The stairs about killed me coming back up. My left knee just hates stairs.

San Andreas, CA

Tranquil scene from the bridge in San Andreas.

It was a wonderful weekend, made more so by the company of a friend.

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