Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the winner is.....

No first place finishes at the California State Fair this year. Can hardly wait to see who my competition was this time. I had 5 - 2nd place finishes and an Honorable Mention. I was also told that a couple didn't make the final cut. Live and learn. Here are the entries and the results:

Mini Mystery A

Mini Mystery A, design by Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs. 2nd Place.

Red Jewels

Red Jewels from a kit that I can't find the label for at the moment - not selected. (Honestly, do they understand how difficult it is to knit I-cord with beads? I think not.)

Needle Nick

Needle Nick, a kit from Lizzie*Kate. My most awesome finishing job to date. The judges were full of praise - 2nd Place.

Be Mine

Be Mine, a kit by Twisted Threads. 2nd Place

Norwegian Star

Norwegian Star, a traditional kit from Norway. 2nd Place

Playing Tour Guide

Playing Tour Guide - not selected.

Pansy Scissor Fob

Pansy Scissor Fob, a kit from The Heart's Content. Honorable Mention.

Mystic Light Shawl

Mystic Light Shawl by Anna Dalvi - Comments from the judge: “Lovely. So many elements working together. Great finishing, blocking. Try a more complicated pattern to place higher. You can do it!” Try a more complicated pattern? I wonder what she considers complicated. 2nd Place

If a few of my comments sounded snarky, well, I guess I'm feeling a little snarky. Five second place finishes?!? Seriously? Fair opens in a few weeks. Need to do some scouting for next year. I want that damn bear! (Best in Show gets a Golden Bear Trophy.)

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Celeritas said...

How annoying, can you believe try a more complicated pattern! What did the winner do? Invent her own shawl style and stitch patterns?