Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our wonderful wetlands - and Mothball Fleet?

Across the Delta from Concord is the city of Benecia. On the shores of Benecia is Suisun Bay, where the National Reserve Defense Fleet is moored. We call it the Mothball Fleet.

Here are some links to get some history and local color stories. There is even a video, located here.

But, I digress. There was another point to this, but before we get to that, here is a picture:

Wetlands & Mothball Fleet

It was a really beautiful day, and we were coming home from Sacramento when Kevin thought we should stop and take a look. He's been a bit fascinated by that odd looking tan thing with the square back. Here's a closer look....

Hughes Mining Barge - Mothball Fleet

When I was growing up in Long Beach, Howard Hughes was a name that was often discussed. For good or bad, the man made history. One of his "engineering marvels" was brought to Long Beach a couple of years after we had moved to Orange County. It was called the Spruce Goose, the plane made of wood. Well, in Suisun Bay is another of this marvels, the Hughes Mining Barge.

The story of CIA Project Jennifer is an interesting one from the Cold War. I would invite to look at all the links I have posted this time. It is an fascinating bit of history, and it's literally in my back yard!

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