Friday, August 03, 2007

Burp cloth - Peaches & Cream

Burp cloth
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I love Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have gotten so many ideas from this book, and the patterns are easy to remember. I have fallen in love with this slip stitch garter pattern, and have used it primarily for the squares I have been knitting for Warm Up America.

I wanted some mindless knitting the other night, and figured I would pull out a ball of dishcloth cotton and knit something. The yarn, Peaches & Cream, was purchased at Walmart for $1.29. A few hours later, tada, a burp cloth. It goes into the emergency gift pile. One can never know when such things come in handy.

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Anonymous said...

Did it really take you only a few hours? I'm enjoying this pattern, but I must be a slow knitter, it probably took me a few hours just to do a few inches! -