Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Full Plate - job hunting, a new car and endless squares

There are days when I would love to say that I am swamped at work, or work has been keeping me really busy. No such luck. Those close to me know that I have been looking for work for some time now. It has been very stressful, very depressing, and very aggravating.


Why is it that common courtesy has gone out the window? For every 10 jobs I submit an application or resume I receive some type of response, such as "we've received your resume". Of all the jobs that I have applied for, I have received less than two dozen letters/emails saying thank you, but no thank you. How difficult is it to just send off an email saying that they have received the resume and will contact if interested? At least I would know that someone looked at it. Idiots.

I have been in the mortgage and real estate industry for 15 years. My last position was as a Vice President of Operations for a Mortgage Brokerage. I think I have industry leprosy. I am overqualified/under qualified. My background is too "specialized". They won't be able to pay me what I was accustomed to, so I won't be happy. Because of my previous position, a manager may feel that I will not be happy as a subordinate. I would be happy just getting a job, and if I didn't want to do the job I applied for, I WOULDN'T HAVE APPLIED FOR IT!!!!! As a grown woman, I find it slightly annoying that so many people are concerned for what would make me happy. Idiots.

Every morning, I start my current job of finding a job. I have several search engines set up within the various job seeking websites. These are emailed to me, sometime several times a day. I review them, send out the resumes with the customized cover letters, and have come to expect nothing. I have created 8 different resumes, so as to appeal to that specific employer or industry. On only one of the resumes does it mention my VP title. Otherwise, I list it as Operations or Office Manager. I can't change the company name or the industry, but I don't use industry lingo on 6 of them. I don't know what else to do. Idiots.

If anyone has any suggestions, email me at solslett at gmail dot com, or post something here. There's something missing and I need fresh perspective. And yes, I have gone the route of Employment Agencies, and even they have waffled on what they can do. 40,000 people in the mortgage industry have lost their jobs THIS YEAR. That doesn't take into account those laid off last year, or those that were on commission only. In the SF Bay Area, I would say that close to 10,000 industry related positions have gone by the wayside since Summer 2006. It's worse than most people think, and we're not done yet.


So, what else is new.....

Kevin got his new car! Here it is .....

Kev, Civic & Iron Rex

It is so pretty, with all kinds of modern gadgets like key less entry, cruise control, power windows, car alarm and an iPod Jack. I think this iron works and pottery shop were in American Canyon, but if we had enough "throw-away" money, we would have a T-Rex in our yard. Kevin thinks that a mail box in his mouth would be pretty cool. It would be the talk of the neighborhood.

As part of our day trip to the Napa Wine Country this past weekend, we visited my favorite winery, V. Sattui

V. Sattui Winery

and tried Taylors Refresher in St. Helena.

Taylor's Refresher
Lunch at Taylors Automatic Refresher

Contrary to the expression posted here, Kevin was enjoying himself. We did have to stand in line for almost 45 minutes, but how many places are there that serve Ahi Burgers? If you didn't catch it on the Food Network, Taylor's has the #2 rated Hamburger in the US. That's what I had. It was tasty. It was a lovely day. The car is a dream. If only there weren't car payments.

So, what else have I been up to since my last post? We took a trip to Sacramento to see my prize winning entries. Here I am with my first place winner..

First Prize Winner

The ribbon is huge!!! And it is so cool!!! The 3rd prize winner was in the same display as the Best in Show. It was a seasonal keepsake box; the lids were interchangeable. I know what I have to do to get Best in Show next year. I have it in me!

I've been knitting squares again. This time in the shape of dishcloths, burp cloths and small 4.5" squares for a blanket. They look something like this:

Ballband Dishcloths

Baby Genius Burp Cloth

A Whole Bunch of Little Squares

There were also the hats:

Watch Cap in Paton's CanadianChemo Hat in Knit Picks Shine Sport - Cloud
Chemo Hat in Knit Picks Shine Sport - Butter

There were more, but it starts to look the same after a while. And I worked on a blanket for the Linus Project, am trying to finish up a pair of socks (I'm turning the heel tonight on the 2nd sock), and in general trying to reduce the stash. I am making progress, so I have no complaints.

If you want to see some more photos, check out Flickr, or if you are a member of Ravelry you'll find me there under the user name solslett.

I promise it won't be two weeks before I post again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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