Monday, May 07, 2007

Knitting For Peace Messenger Bag

This thing is huge! That black and white thing that is laying at the top of the bag is a standard CD. It took about 840 yards of yarn, and, quite frankly, I am scared to death to felt it. Not because I think it won't shrink, but that it won't shrink enough.

When I came across the pattern in the book Knitting For Peace, I thought "what a cool idea". The yarn is a 100% wool from Norway, called Gjestal Naturspunn No. 1. It is in a Hunter Green. In the book, there are labels that you can scan and print onto iron on transfer paper. I have the transfer paper and muslin. I am pretty much set to complete this, I just have to get over this felting hurdle.

I started it sometime around New Year's and finished it on 5/4/07. Let's just say this hasn't been a pressing project.

Keep your fingers crossed that I will see the final results I am hoping for.

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Brown Berry said...

Fingers crossed! I LOVE that yarn color. Will make a very nice tote I think.