Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yikes! Stripes! #2

Yikes! Stripes! #2
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This is pair #19 for the year. Wow.

Am I surprised that I have made 19 pairs of socks this year? Yes.

Am I surprised by how much I like it? Yes.

Do I think that my knitting skill has improved? Yes and No.

I need to improve certain skills, such as a short row heel. That's what I used with these socks, as I though the self-patterning yarn would look better as opposed to using a heel flap. I do like it better, but I wasn't satisfied with the look of the heel, as I know I'm missing something. I need to work on that.

This was a traveling sock project for me. We drove up to Crescent City for the Memorial Day weekend. I finished sock one and about 5" of the leg of sock two on the drive up. I worked on sock two on the way home, but not so much as I was too hot (read - breathing made me sweat in the car) to knit. I turned the heel Monday night, and finished it up Tuesday night.

Here are the particulars: Regia Yarn, 75% Wool, 25% Polymide. Colorway number 5160. 64 stitch cast on, basic sock pattern with short row heel. 210m skeins. 2.5mm needles. Stated 5/21/07, finished 5/59/07.

I think I'll start my Rockin' Sock Club yarn next. There's silk in that sock yarn, and I haven't tried that yet!

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