Monday, May 21, 2007

Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch Crew Socks

Last night I just wanted to get these done. Staying up way too late (again), I was able to accomplish just that. My blog entry from yesterday was a little whiny, but, to be truthful, I hate endless ribbing. I would rather do endless stockinette - because I won't have to look at it! With ribbing, I need to make sure I'm in the right spot.

I am becoming very conscious of the fact that my knitting results are very different then this time last year. Sock knitting has improved my overall knitting, making it more consistent and even. I am much more satisfied with fit and shape of the items I am producing. Just something as simple as the changing the type of cast on I use for the type of product has evolved.

Up until 3 years ago, I always used a Norwegian cast on, because that's all I knew. It's very stretchy and great for socks. It is similar to the long tail cast on, but there is an extra twist. It can be seen in Simple Socks Plain and Fancy by Priscilla A. Gibson -Roberts, a great technique book. I'm back to using the Norwegian cast on almost exclusively when knitting socks, as the log tail cast on isn't forgiving enough, and a knitted cast on is a big mistake for me.

Anyway - here are the particulars: Lana Grossa Meilienweit Mega Boots Stretch in the color #707 stitched on 2.5mm needles using Crew Sock pattern in the Meilienweit Pattern Booklet 3 as reference. Pattern modifications were as follows: 64 stitches cast on and 2x2 ribbing continued down the leg onto the foot. Pattern called for a round toe bind off and I prefer standard decreased toe since they aren't that pointy.

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