Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a beautiful day at the Fair

I decided to do something different this year, and submit some of my needlework to the Fair. Originally, I was going to submit them to the Alameda County Fair, but my "paperwork wasn't received". The USPS said it was, so they must be lying. Ever one to make a negative into a positive, I decided to submit them to the State Fair instead.

Today I received the news. My one regret now is that I don't have pictures of the pieces framed, but these shots will have to do. At least you can see what I did. When I go up to Sacramento next month, I'll take pictures of them - with their ribbons!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, may I present my 1st Place finish..

Caron Collection Mini Love

This is Mini Love from the Caron Collection. A tiny thing stitched over one measuring like 2.5" x 3", I framed it with purple and pumpkin matting and a dark purple frame. It is SO COOL. And it won 1st place for it's category. Whooppeee!!!

My 2nd Place finish is....

Bent Creek Snapperville

Bent Creek's original Snapperville Series. I've started another one. Maybe I'll submit it next year!

My 3rd Place piece is.....

Gathering of Hearts Kit - The Trilogy

A Gathering of Hearts which was a kit from The Trilogy. This in many ways became a memorial piece for my Dad. He passed away in 2002. The big heart in the middle represents him. The scattered green hearts are my mom and the centered purple hearts are me. Dad truly was the heart of our little family and he kept the peace between mom and I for many years. The fact it placed meant more to me than the others.

I also received a 5th place for a piece called Circle of Hearts by Rosalyn Watnemo. For the life of me, I can't find a bloody picture anywhere on the hard drive - and I have over 14,000 pictures lovingly and painstakingly categorized with tags, categories and in chronological order. Yes, I am anal when it comes to organizing. When I find the picture, I'll post that one too.

I would like to thank Jan at Urban Forest in Alameda for the wonderful framing work she did. The judges were complementary on that as well, and Jan did a hell of a good job. She's the first one I've allowed to handle my work in 20 years, so that says a lot in itself. She is awesome.

Well, at least now Kevin can't say that I was robbed, or the judging was fixed. For the first time in over 10 years I have a first place ribbon. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I have spent a lifetime perfecting my technique, and expanding my base of knowledge. I've always considered myself more a needle worker than a knitter, not to diminish knitting at all. It's just the delicate work of needle and thread - taking a blank canvas and bringing it to life - there's a different level of satisfaction at the end. It is a purely visual medium, rarely having a true purposeful functionality. Unlike knitting, it's laborious to take with you, is very expensive (one 6 yard skein of silk is over $3.00 - and that's not over dyed), takes forever to finish, doesn't keep you warm or protect you from the elements. But it is poetry in motion and puts your stamp on life.

I love knitting and I love needlework. I love scrap booking too. And photography. And crochet. And beading. And whatever else snags me and drags me in. I am blessed that I have the ability and acumen to do so many wonderful things.

Thanks for stopping by.

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