Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stash Flash

Ok, I had to do this, cause I couldn't wait anymore. This is the stuff I got on the birthday trip.

Birthday Stash

Ok, it looks goofy sideways, but the picture is bigger and nothing is chopped off. It would be otherwise.

When we stopped in Ferndale, I went to Foggy Bottoms. She had a huge display of Noro, which I steered clear of. The proprietress was very helpful and showed me some of her unique yarns. I have not seen any other SWTC yarn other than Tofutsies. She carried Karaoke, which is a 50% silk/50% wool blend which is feltable. It feels great. I think I want to do a purse with this. In the picture, you can see a little of the black and burgundy peeking through.

The other purchase from Foggy Bottoms was 2 skeins of Plymouth Royal Llama Silk, which is 60% Fine Llama and 40% silk. The swatch was to die for, and it had to come home with me. I loved the mossy color and thought it might make a nice, neutral scarf for the winter. I don't have too many neutral scarves.

The other store I went to was in Crescent City, and it is called A Perfect Yarn. This is the one I wanted to visit over our Memorial Day trip, but they were closed when we drove by. This will be my Mother-in-law's LYS when she moves to Brookings.

When the clerk asked if I was looking for something in particular, I replied I was looking for souvenir yarn. She directed me to two local dyers - Rainy Day Yarn from Crescent City and Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks from Willits. The two light skeins are from Rainy Day, in the colorway Forget-Me-Not, and the bottom one is from Chasing Rainbows in the colorway Moonstone. Chasing Rainbows reminds me of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. I was very happy with my selections. One is reminiscent of blue skies, fluffy clouds, white capped waves and lots of green - kind of like Crescent City. The other is like walking through the Redwoods - reddish brown bark, green moss, rich earth and blackberries. I love finding yarns that represent the places I have been!

I think my mother-in-law will like A Perfect Yarn. Though not a very big shop, I was impressed by the variety, and also that there were a few people in the store early on a Saturday morning working on their projects. I'm looking forward to stopping in there again and checking out their local offerings.

I recently visited Commuknitty in San Jose and I'll share that stash in a future post.

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Violet said...

Being from the north coast, this was a fun post for me to read! I love Foggy Bottoms, but sadly I never make it past the noro wall before my wallet starts screaming in pain. I picked up some Karaoke from her, too, though, and it was a dream to work with. When I was at A Perfect Yarn, there were people knitting too. What a cozy shop!