Sunday, July 15, 2007

More knitted things

The draft of my birthday weekend getaway post is still on the back burner. I would like to finish it up, but these posts are so much easier.

"What I knitted this week"
By Venka the Obsessed Knitter

My fingers have been busy every night this week. I knitted all day yesterday, but that was Saturday and if Kevin is watching TV, I can knit. This last month, there has been a charity square knitalong at Crafting for a Cause. I set a goal of 40, and as of the 10th, I had 29. No more.

WUA Squares
Rebuilding Greensburg Squares

I managed an additional 14. So I surpassed my goal. I am happy. The top three are meant for Warm Up America, and the bottom 11 are meant for Rebuilding Greensburg.

I also managed one other thing.

Childs Socks - Afghans for Afghans

A pair of socks for Afghans for Afghans. Other than a pair of baby socks I knit earlier this year, everything else has been grown up sized. These are meant for a pre-teen, about 8-10. I used Sensational Knitted Socks for guidance. These are made from Lambs Pride Superwash and should be very warm.

I have cast on for two pairs of socks, one in Opal and the other in Tofutsies. We'll see how I do with those. I also practiced knitting the "Continental" way this week. It is much looser than I am used to see my knitting, but in garter it is much faster. However, purling slows me down and forget it if I'm using dpn's. I'll keep throwing, thank you!

Have a good week, everyone!

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