Monday, October 13, 2008

Berries Basic Sock

Socktober pair #2!

Socktober - Basic Socks in Red Heart Berries

Should it count if it's Red Heart? Yes, I knit a pair of socks with Red Heart. The reality is I like wearing socks or slippers, or both, in the winter. We have hard wood floors and lousy insulation, and my feet get cold. Do I want to waste good wool yarn on these floors? No. Red Heart wears like iron and I can throw them in the washer AND dryer and not have to think twice about it. Besides, I usually wear a pair of light cotton socks inside the Red Heart socks. Worsted weight socks knit very fast too - another plus.

Again, a basic 2x2 rib pattern continued onto the instep. 2 days start to finish. You have to love it!

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Fluffy said...

I am too much in awe of the number of socks you can make to care what you use to make them.