Monday, October 27, 2008


Socktober Pair No. 7!!!

Socktober Conwy in White Willow 100% Merino

The yarn is from White Willow. She referred to the colors as Violet, Olive and Silver. She has a shop on Etsy, which is one of my favorites. The pattern is from one of my favorite designer's, Nancy Bush. This is from the Knitting on the Road book, which is one I go back to often. I think this is my third or fourth completed pair from it.

What I love about Nancy's designs, is that they fit my feet quite well. I always get gauge, and typically use the recommended needle size. The finished product is always amazing. If you haven't had the opportunity to knit a Nancy Bush design, I would highly recommend it. The instructions are very well written, and you learn quite a bit when using one of her books.

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Fluffy said...

I agree with you about Nancy Bush. I took a class from about ten years. She's a great teacher. She also gave me a few tips on making gloves.