Friday, March 07, 2008

A combined post

It was quite late when I got home last night. Had a late afternoon meeting far from home and office, and my boss dropped me off at one of the ferry docks so that I could make my way home.

I picked up the ferry at the Larkspur port, north of San Francisco and within site of San Quentin prison. San Quentin is where California's Death Row is located. When someone is subjected to the death penalty, this is where it - and the protests - take place. It's been a few years since the last one. What amazes me is that the original structure is a beautiful piece of architecture, and the views are some of the best on the Bay. No wonder so many people want to see this facility closed. The real estate, and subsequent property taxes, would be quite a boon.

This was my first time on a ferry here in the US. This is a common form of transportation in Norway, especially Northern Norway where I have spent the majority of my time overseas. It's been a few years since I was on the Bay, and I have never been out there at night. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

With the sun setting as I was waiting to board, it took on an almost magical feeling. Because it was twilight, when we were pulling away from the dock and moving into the Bay, it made me feel like I was back in Norway. Of course, playing some Norwegian folk music on my iPod probably helped create that mood. I was thinking of what I would blog about and how the experience restored some peace to my mind. I love the ocean. It has always had a restorative effect for me. I don't get to see it much, even though I pass under the Bay twice a day. I miss the smell and the sound of waves. It was chilly due to the wind, but it felt good. It was a much needed balm to my soul, after the last week or so. I need to remember that this is a viable option for me to get out on the water every now and again. Also, there's a great pub that serves good beer and food at Larkspur Landing. I believe there is also a yarn store within walking distance. I'm going to have to check that out sometime.

We pulled into San Francisco about 40 minutes or so after having left Larkspur. I stopped to take a quick shot of the boat.

2008 118

It's a little hard to see because it was so dark.

I decided that I would have a quick bite to eat before getting on the train to head home. I thought this shot was pretty cool.

2008 117

I had dinner at Ferry Plaza Seafood. I highly recommend the shrimp salad. It was wonderful! I also stopped at the bookstore and took a look around before heading out.

It is the first time I can say that I traveled by car, boat and train in one day. In fact, it was within 3 hours.

As to my Friday update - alas, I finished two separate socks, but not a pair. Amazingly, I have nothing to show off this week. Next week will be a different story.

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Fluffy said...

Reading your post today made me realize that I haven't been to the ocean for a good while. It's only a half hour away and I enjoy it so much this time of the year. It also makes me miss California even though I have not lived there for over 40 years.