Monday, March 17, 2008


Old Oaks

One of the last times we took our dog Heidi for a hike, this is what we got to see. This was taken at the Black Diamond Mines, part of the East Bay Regional Parks District in East Contra Costa County. In other words, it's over the hill from where I live. We were out there a few times with the dogs and hiked the trails - while the cows stared at us. Heidi was alway pretty good about staying close. She never ran off, but once her nose got the scent of something, she would stay at a spot for-ev-er appreciating and exploring all the subtle nuances. In other words, she dug in and wouldn't move. Fen had ADD and would have bounded off to try to intimidate the cows. He stayed on his leash.

I miss the hikes, though without a dog it's doesn't seem as purposeful. We saw a lot of beautiful landscape on these outings. Sundays just aren't the same anymore.

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