Monday, June 25, 2007

Hip to be square

Hip to be square
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Well, they're not quite square. They are actually rectangles, but then the title would be awkward.

Warm Up America is another charity that I wanted to support this year, so that meant knitting lots of 7" x 9" blocks. Great way to get through stash (this is any ongoing theme - can you tell?), especially acrylic. Now, most of the acrylic I have is of a better quality than Red Heart, such as Paton's, but it's still plastic yarn.

Crafting for a Cause, one of the groups I belong to, has proposed a square knitting challenge. I love that. My competitive spirit rears up and demands immediate attention. So with the three I completed last week, I am at 6, which was the pre-qualifier to be completed by June 30th. Haha! In fact, I got up early today and finished one and started another.

Stats on these are slim. It is un-named stash. I am pretty sure it is Bernat or Paton's because it was destined to be part of a cardigan, and I since knitting my very first sweater, I have not purchased Red Heart for making cloths. (Yes, I've been a yarn snob for over 20 years.) Needles are 7US, and 40 stitches cast on, slip stitch garter (i.e., Mason Dixon burp cloths), knit for 9" and cast off. Quick, simple and they look nice.

I wonder how many I can get done?? How competitive am I??

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