Monday, June 25, 2007

Yes - I Can Crochet

Yes - I Can Crochet
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I don't crochet as much as I used to. I've done granny square afghans and doilies and a few other things. My wrist starts to bother me after and hour or so. It is a wonderful way to eat up stash though.

Earlier this year, I came across something called Royale Lovebeads Crochet by JP Coats. It is a polyester/acrylic blend, so I figured it would make a nice bag. I bought 5 balls, at a whopping costs of $.97 per ball. How could anyone say no to that? On a G hook, I single crocheted myself through a 5 hour marathon session on June 22nd, and finished it in one shot. My hand was numb when I woke up the next morning. Sigh - the things we endure for our craft.

I have handles buried somewhere in the Cave (my converted garage that is the "craft room"). I need to find a button that will make a nice statement as a closure. I also plan on lining this, and have considered extending the lining over the top to add a 1" contrast border. I think that would look pretty neat. Yeah, I sew too. (side note - I've created 3 wedding dresses, with beading, and they were pretty damn fabulous).

When I find the handles, and line it, I will post an updated picture.

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