Saturday, February 09, 2008

Golden State Warriors

I have never been to a professional Basketball game in my life. Tonight that changed.

Warriors vs. Kings 020908

We went to the Oracle Arena in Oakland and watched a game been the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings.

Warriors vs. Kings 020908

Thankfully, the home team won. It was very interesting, but the play calling was a challenge, and we couldn't really understand the Arena announcer. The entertainment was fun, but they really had nothing at "half-time", which I guess is just something I'm used to from Football.

So far, we've seen the 49'er's, the A's, the Saber Cats (arena football) and now the Warriors. That pretty much just leaves two - the Raiders (no way in hell I'm going to one of their games - LA was enough for me) and the Giants. These tickets came to us via Kevin's office, which is always a nice benefit.

I did bring some knitting with me. You can certainly knit at the game, just nothing that requires too much attention. Good to know for the future!

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Nell said...

Try to go to a Shark's game. I didn't like hockey at all until I went to a game in person!

I'm glad you had a good time!