Thursday, June 19, 2008


Anne McCaffery - She is best known for her fantasy books based on the mythical world of Pern. I started reading about the Dragon Riders of Pern many years ago, and it took awhile to get through all of them. I eventually succeeded. Mrs. McCaffrey's son has now written a couple of books to add to the storyline, and he also co-authored a book with his mother in 2006 called Dragon's Fire. I picked it up again today, and I have a feeling I won't be putting it down until it's done.

I haven't done as much reading in the last few years. Nothing close to what I used to. I remember why. Once I start, I can't stop! It's like an addition. A few more minutes - a few more pages - I might as well finish. But with the amount of unread books in this house, I need to spend a little time every week reading. Like any thing else we learn, we need to use it to keep it performing at it's best. Another thing I noticed when I was studying for my State test is that my retention level is not what it used to be. I guess I need to "exercise" more often!

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Sandy said...

Stopping in from Homespun Helpers. You know I've never enjoyed reading; not sure why..when I do read it's only Historical Fiction...really never liked make believe. I generally only read when on vacation, probably spend the time people read, here reading and blogging and or knitting and crocheting.

You sound like my daughter though, she'd put books beside her bed and never stop to sleep...wasn't really good for her. Think she's gotten a little better at controlling that now that she's older.

Have a good 4th