Monday, June 09, 2008

Memorable Moments

When we were driving home last summer after our first road trip with the new car, we stopped in American Canyon at a foundry and took a look around. What caught Kevin's eye was a 15 foot tall gorilla. What I thought was funny was this:

Kev and Lil' T Rex

I seriously can imagine having something like this is a back yard someday, or greeting guests at the front door. They had a bigger T-Rex glaring at the passing traffic over the fence. It was about 20 feet tall.

If they made one that looked like Godzilla, it would be sold. Godzi holds a special place in our hearts, and not that sorry excuse of a Sony movie with Ferris Buehler a few years ago.

I guess we are just refusing to grow up.

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Fluffy said...

I always wanted to put one of those big apes in my yard. My daughter gave me a little one. He's holding a banana and not very scary.