Monday, June 16, 2008

Memorable Moments

Footprints in the sand

Some of my favorite moments in life have been related to the sea. Maybe it's like these footprints - mine and Heidi's - from the last trip we took together to the shore before Fen passed away. I wish I had gotten a similar picture of Kevin's footprint's with Fen's. That would have been something.

I remember the summer days that Dad and I would head down to Bolsa Chica to swim and lay out in the sun. We didn't know that it would be bad for us later in life. I think that's part of the reason that Mom and Dad moved so far inland. Dad didn't feel safe in the water anymore. The rip tide almost took him out when he was in his 70's. His body had started to fail him. If it wasn't convenient, then he wouldn't be tempted. The "Active Adult Community" they moved to has a beautiful pool and country club. He enjoyed spending the day there, swimming and enjoying the sun.

I remember taking Heidi down to Huntington and Balboa. She would chase birds and later I would share my Ruby's hamburger with her. Of course, we could really only do this in the winter months when the patrols weren't out. That was fine. There's something about the beach on the So Cal coast around dusk in winter. You can't see the horizon because the incoming storm has the sky and sea similar shades of gray.

Sailing to Alaska was an amazing experience, and Kevin planned it all. For Kevin, it would be his first time on a real ship and I could really give some substance to my love of them. It still ranks #1 for cruises.

I miss the Sea. Getting to it from here isn't easy. The weather is unreliable, and the water too cold. There are Great White's in them there waters! When we go down to Southern California, every once in a while we get to the coast. It really is one of the things I miss the most.

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Fluffy said...

I love going to the ocean "out of season". My dog, Gus, loves running along the beach.