Friday, June 06, 2008

FO Friday

I've had a crazy week. Studying. Taking the test. Going to LA to say goodbye to Grandma.

Yesterday, after I took my test, we headed down to Southern California. My Grandmother-in-law's ashes were going to be buried next to Grandpa. My in-laws were driving down from Idaho, and it was an appropriate opportunity to be there for support and to spend some time with them, however short.

We went to the Riverside National Cemetery, by March Air Reserve Base in Southern California. The grounds are beautiful and the grave site is near a stream. There were several young trees in the vicinity. As they mature, the area will take on an even more park like setting. I saw a hummingbird flit by. Erma loved hummingbird's.

I got some knitting done in the car. I finished two more chemo caps. It just seemed "right" to be knitting something for the benefit of others. I'm getting very close to my goal of 36.

Chemo Hat - Green Apple #2 Chemo Hat - Coral #2

One in Green Apple and one in Coral, Knit Picks Shine Sport.

The other knitting I finished this week was also for the benefit of others.

Snuggle Blanket

A simple snuggle blanket, about 16" by 16". Made from Red Heart in the color Blueberry Pie, the garter knit blanket was the perfect thing to keep my hands busy while I was reading the chapters for my test. I hadn't tried knitting while studying before, and it certainly kept my mind from wandering too much and I didn't feel as sleepy as I usualy would get reading such dry stuff. I'll have to remember this when I take my continuing education.

Detonator #2

I only finished one of these. The other was completed by Sonia Whitely in Australia. There are Detonator socks from the Socks Wars III KAL. I'm surprised I'm still in it. I started my contribution Sunday and finished it Tuesday morning so I could get it out in the mail. There was no ball band, but I know it was Tofutsies. It's the same colorway that I used for my Wild Kat socks that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Or was that last week? I'm suffering from brain damage after cramming for a week. It was just a really weird coincidence.

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