Thursday, January 17, 2008

Favorite Things

Pin collecting.

Yes, I collect pins.

I am a Disney Pin Collector, lanyard and all. I bought my first pin case at Disney MGM (now know as Disney Studios) in Florida when we were there in 2002. It is very heavy now, and very full. I like to collect cast member pins, and other limited edition releases. My first pins from Disneyland were two plastic pins of Mickey and Donald. I got them when I was a kid. I still have them. The first metal pin I have is from the 30th anniversary of Disneyland. They sure made them different in those days. And I do enjoy trading with cast members at the parks. It is an enjoyable part of the experience for me.

I am a Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector, no lanyard, no trading. I picked up my first pin at the San Francisco Hard Rock back in 1991, when I enjoyed my first cold, foggy visit to SF. I consider it my "home" Cafe, though I liked the old one on Van Ness much better than the one on Pier 39. I am an original member of the Pin Collectors Club, and received my 7 year anniversary pin last summer. I believe I have been to 13 cafes now, and have pins from many more. Friends and family bring me a pin from their trips, and they have been to interesting places. It's a wonderful collection. They are displayed in shadow boxes. I use HRC t-shirts as the backdrop.

I have a decent collection of Olympic pins, especially those related to our recent games here in the US, and in Norway. I will be honest, I enjoy the winter games much more than the summer games. What I don't like is the "highlight" coverage that only emphasizes the US victories. I would like to see coverage of all the medal winners. The games are supposed to be a display of friendly competition, a coming together of nations in the name of sport. It's just a pity we can't appreciate the efforts and skill of all the athletes.

I also collect pins from places I have been, such as state and national parks, wineries, historical landmarks, and any other place that struck a chord with me.

Do yo think I may have a lot of pins? Hmm, maybe.

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