Friday, January 18, 2008

FO Friday

I almost thought I wouldn't have anything for today. Hah! I actually managed to cause the pad of my right index finer to split from the velocity of my knitting. So here we go:

Clapotis - Finished!

All done! The Clap is done! I found that dropping the stitches with cotton yarn is so easy - just press the back of nail and run it down the ladder with some force and the loops just pop. 800 yards of nearly 20 year old stash gone! Worth noting, the skeins had their price tags on them, from the clearance bin. This shawl cost me $11.52, a $1.44 per skein!

Particulars - Under Classic Cable Printed, US 7 needles, Clapotis pattern care of

I also finished yet another washcloth:

My So Called Dishcloth #4

Based on the pattern, My So Called Scarf, I did another washcloth. Sugar'n Cream in the colorway Beach Ball Blue on size US 7 needles. The colors didn't pool as great as before, but I cast on another while I was on the train today and we'll see how that goes.

Now what else can I finished before next Friday. Damn, unwanted pressure. I'll figure something out.

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