Saturday, January 26, 2008

Out and About

I had a busy Saturday. I usually don't get up very early. I try to take advantage of one of the few days of the week I can sleep in. Today, though, I had to get car stuff done.

Went and got my tires balanced and rotated. I bought them in December 2006, and I just rolled over 6,000 miles week before last. I try to average every two oil changes. This was the least amount of miles I have driven in a year. Very surprising.

Next stop was the oil change. I had a bit of fun there, since at least two of the guys weren't as old as my car. I heard one of them exclaim, "man, this is old school!" Yes, carburetors and distributors caps would be considered old school.

Last car stop today was for a new battery. I haven't purchased one in 10 years, so it was time. I took the car to Sears, since the Die Hard in it has done so well. This was the longest stop, since they were pretty busy. I walked the mall and bought some rain boots and a few other little things.

When I was done with this, I picked Kevin up for lunch and we went to look at mattresses. The bed in old, very old. I can't stand it anymore. So, we saved a bit and throw in his company Christmas bonus, and we are going to buy something softer to sleep on. We didn't find one we liked today, but hopefully soon.

Round out the day with a stop at Target and the grocery store, and you've got a full day.

Tomorrow, I am not leaving the house!

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