Friday, April 18, 2008

A Brief Update

We're at sea and heading home. Supposedly, we're off the Mendocino Coast, so we're not too far away. Still, we get in at 7 am and will be disembarking around 9:30 am.

I'll update when I get home, and post some pictures. My battery is almost dead and I've spent the last couple of hours just getting through email from work.

I had the best of intentions when I started on this trip that it would go smoothly. It has in the past. Trying to balance the responsibilities from my job and trying to insure that it wouldn't overly impact my husband can be a fine line. I managed in the past. The computer problems were not something I could account for. With the help of some great tech staff here on board, it seems we finely got it resolved today. That figures - it's the last day.

The problems I encountered had a very negative impact on a co-worker, and that's what is most troubling. I didn't want this trip to be bad for anyone, and I can't say that anymore. Apologizing doesn't make up for it.

There has been a cloud hanging over me all week. Nervous, agitated and on edge. Even now, Kevin has spent these last 2+ hours sitting across for me in the cafe reading a book. He hasn't said much, but I realize that my less than usual exuberance of being on a trip has impacted his enjoyment as well. I disappointed a lot of people this week, including myself. God, I hate this feeling.

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