Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Saga Continues - A Day At Sea

Our dinner companions - James and Emily to the left, Heather and Jacob to the right.

And yes I'm still playing catch-up.

Friday was spent at leisure. One thing that we enjoyed during the cruise was a set of lectures by Brent Nixon. He presented four lectures that were very entertaining and - dare I say it - educational. We went to all the lectures, and learned more about Orca's, Humpbacks, Otters and Dolphins than we could have imagined. I had the opportunity to speak with Brent and his wife during afternoon tea on Friday. Mary Amanda, his wife, was working on a piece of needlepoint and I was just too curious to stay away. I shared my crafting history with her and also let Brent know how much we enjoyed his presentations. I hope that we will run across them again in the future. A lovely couple.

Since we didn't have to be anywhere, I slept in. Dragged my lazy ass into the shower at 11 am. I wasn't going to start another morning as a ball of stress, so no battling with the laptop until after lunch and Brent's last lecture. While we sat in the Cafe that afternoon, Kevin reading one of the books we brought, I spent a little over 2 hours on the laptop, mentally preparing myself for what I had to come back too. I scratched the surface of what I needed to review, but at least I had a game plan for Monday.

So, what else on the cruise....the floor show wasn't great. The singers were good, the dancers were not well matched. There was one tall girl who was taller than the partner. It made for interesting lifts and combinations. It was awkward to look at. We went to the first show and didn't return for a repeat. But this is targeted to an older crowd, which I am sure thought was it nicely done. We also had two comedians, one appealed to the over 50 set and other didn't as much. Guess which one we liked? We went to all three comedy nights.

Celebrity jokes that Bingo is the official sport of cruising. I don't agree - it's eating. I had to laugh when I got home because I gained nothing! Nothing!! During the week I sit on my ass all day. The only exercise I get is what I'm doing now - typing. I walked so much last week that the calories didn't stand a chance. I also didn't eat a lot of empty carbs and sugar, which I'm sure also helped. I tried to make sure that I ate complex carbs, good proteins and as many veggie's as I could. Kevin wasn't as fortunate, and he worked out every day.

We had some charming dinner companions - James and Emily for Idaho and Heather and Jacob the Bay Area. Heather works in San Francisco too. This was the first time that we have been the "oldest" couple. Ouch. Emily graduated from the same high school as Kevin - and she was born when he was in college! Double ouch. Same world. Heather and Jacob were great to sit and chat with, and we shared an after dinner cocktail with them one evening. It was the only liquor we bought on the ship. They may sell duty free to take home, but I know of few bars on the mainland that charge those prices! We exchanged email addresses with the promise to get together for dinner in the near future.

And speaking of dinner, oh they were good. Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, Braised Beef, Lamb Shank, and Veal Cutlets perfectly cooked, perfectly paired and happily consumed. The portions were perfect. Kevin had fish five of the seven evenings, with roast turkey and roast chicken for the other two. They served chilled soups, escargot and frog legs. In addition to the sweet treats for desert, they had sugar free offerings and what I have come to love - cheese and fruit plate. I did deviate twice and enjoyed Baked Alaska and Poached Pears. Overall, I think I did well for working with my Diabetes and keeping my blood sugar near normal. I did well with the beer, which was a pleasant surprise. The night we had after dinner cocktails, I had a pretty good spike with the Scotch. Good to know.

It's getting late and I have to get up early. I still have catching up to do. Maybe I can squeeze in a couple of posts tomorrow.

By the way - we took over 700 pictures.




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