Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day In Seattle

We are back onboard the ship. It’s cold and rainy. The morning started with some sun, but, it didn’t last.

As my last post revealed, I have had some issues with my laptop. When I start it up now, I fear it just not doing anything. After the lovely Windows icon and associated tune have loaded, the screen is black with a cursor. It stays that way for about 5 minutes. I fear the BSOD. So far, only twice today. Whoopee. My other choice is to log on to the internets in the iCafe, which is not time efficient – or economical. I prepaid for an access package that would give me 240 minutes. I subsequently won an additional 60 minutes. However, that means I’m getting Internet access for $0.38 per minute! If I go over, it’s $0.65 per minute! God, they give it to you for stuff like this onboard. They claim you can use your cell phones at see, but the satellite has been down. This also means no CNN or any type of live news feed. I feel like I’m on a deserted island. Add to that the gremlins also showing their snarky selves in my cell phone (charged it - turned it on - low battery) and SLR (light sensor is whacked, need to reset the defaults and start all over), it's been a perfectly stressed out mess. Tears were eminent as least half a dozen times today. I can be such a girl sometimes. I so hate that.

I am trying to use my Outlook program to take care of emails – and posts – because I can work offline. This will obviously save on connected time. It worked ok this morning. It had a few hiccups, but overall it did ok.

So, for our day in Seattle. Our first stop was So Much Yarn at the corner of First and Bell. Pretty little store. Nothing local, or stuff I haven’t seen. The clerk showed me a few new things in the store that she thought I may not have encountered, but dear husband commented when we left that her claim was more than likely way off the mark. It was. How well he knows me. I have to admit I was good – one skein of sock yarn and the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. The sock yarn will remind me of Seattle.

We then headed for Pioneer square, and the Underground Tour. Very cool. I would highly recommend it to anyone coming to town. Don’t have much time to go into detail, besides you can always Google it. Found a few cool souvenirs and then decided to head back to the ship.

I had to do the goofy thing – I bought a Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks. I also got some money at the ATM at WAMU. I bought a book about Seattle. I smooshed a souvenir penny. Ok – all tourist type things done.

On the way back, we stopped at The Pike Brewing Company for a snack and some tasters. It’s official, this has become the brew cruise, I picked up a book called the Pacific Northwest Passport to Beer. At least that way will we know where to drink in Vancouver and Victoria. This was discussed over tasters today – Pike’s Double Ale was the winner (malty with a tobacco and molasses finish). We must try beer in BC, eh.

After walking through Pike Place we got back on the ship. Kevin is up at the gym doing God knows what and working up a sweat. I am working away at the computer, occasionally asking it to be nice and not screw with me again. At lease the keyboard hasn’t stopped working – that happened this morning too.

I regret that my knitting has suffered. I remember all the time we had on the Alaskan Cruise, so I packed a bunch of stuff (socks, Mystic Light Shawl, etc.) and I haven’t even turned the heel on the sock I started on Saturday. I’m out of Sock Madness, that’s for sure.

Keep your fingers crossed that the gremlins find a new home. The Ale Trail continues tomorrow!

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Holly said...

Nice Post. You know - it is not necessary to knit all the time, altho I did quite a bit on my cruise last fall.

But stopping at a yarn shop counts, as does drinking a beer or two.

Good luck with the on ship connection. Being an unfortunate user of Vista (aka Witless) a large part of the problems were caused by the new security "improvements."

Have a great time and keep posting when you can.