Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day In Astoria

We spent Monday in Astoria – it was cold and rainy when we started and it was cold and sunny when we left.


I’ll have to elaborate later, because yesterday and this morning my Compaq Presario V6000 Vista Enhanced piece of electronic crap crashed on me again, and again and again. Just what I wanted to do on my vacation – deal with the blue screen of death and recovery. Argh. I had planned on spending a couple of hours working, just to make sure certain things were handled, but that didn’t happen as I had planned on Monday. We’ll see if today is any better.


We did the Astoria Ale Trail, which meant we had beer! Our stops included Roque Ale, which is best known for Dead Guy’s Ale. We had three tasters and a free pint there, along with Kobe beef Sliders and Kobe Blue Cheese Balls. Mmm, mmm, good. Kevin had the artichoke dip, which he said was good.


Next stop was the Wet Dog Café, where we met the brew master, got free swag, and enjoyed 3 tasters and beer brats and warm pretzels. We liked this place a lot!


Last stop was Fort George Ale House, where we had 4 tasters and we liked these tasters a little bit better than Rogue. Not the Rogue is bad, they’re just more hoppy, and we like a higher malt ratio. The higher hop ratio causes some more bitterness, which is what we don’t like.


Well, I’m going to try to send emails again, which is what started this whole mess yesterday. I’ve been working on the laptop for about an hour getting the settings back to something Vista will work with. I do so hate the BSOD.


If this morning ends like yesterday, then we may have to find ourselves another Ale Trail.





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Fluffy said...

Oh God. I wish I could still drink beer. It's enough to make me cry.