Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I finished what was on my needles

Mariner Socks

Two pairs in two days! Three pair for the month. Not too bad. Two more on the needles and I will probably cast on something else, even though I have no business doing so.

This was my souvenir yarn from Seattle. I cast on 4/16 and finished today. In between sock 1 and 2, I knit all of my Jacobean socks except for the ribbing on sock 1. These were such a fast knit. If I hadn't been so obsessed with making sure I was being a considerate worker bee while on vacation, I probably would have them done while we were on the cruise. Fat lotta good that did me. Yes, I am currently bitter about my worklife. I can't talk about it yet. Let's just say that my life took a 180 between Friday and Monday. Again, I wish I could win the lottery already.

Sorry - let's get back to pleasant. Pleasant is good. I can be pleasant.

The yarn was from Caryn's Creations and is called Mariner's Self Striping. I really liked this yarn. It's soft and squishy. The stripes are not entirely even, but that's totally fine. I can hardly wait to wear them. The weather is starting to warm up, so I won't have as many opportunities. If it's sixty degrees, my feet demand sandals. Little piggies like to get some sun and wiggle in unrestricted freedom.

Changing things up this week seems to be a good thing for me. I will not be posting anything finished tomorrow. I promise.

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Fluffy said...

I really like those socks. I wrote the name down in my little black book. Maybe I'll see some when I go to MD Sheep & Wool this weekend. I always buy too much sock yarn when I go.