Wednesday, April 23, 2008

By Request

These are the Pubs we visited, in order

Rogue Public House
Tasters included Double Dead Guy Ale and Barleywine Brew, plus two others I failed to write down. One was a red ale. The Kobe Sliders and Kobe Bleu Balls (as in Bleu Cheese) are excellent.

The Wet Dog Cafe
Tasters included Old Red Beard's Amber Ale, Volksweissen Bavaerina Wheat Ale, and Shark's Spit IPA. Beer brats and warm, fresh pretzels are an excellent accompaniment.

Fort George Brewery & Public House
Tasters included Quick Whit, Lovell Lager, Vortex, Cavatica Stout and Mango Wheat. Excellent fresh steak fries.

The Pike Brewery
Tasters included Pike Naughty Nellie, Pike Pale Ale, Pike IPA, Pike Kilt Lifter, Pike XXXXX Stout and Pike Tandem. The chowder was tasty and the Chicken Nachos were a great addition to the experience.

Granville Island Brewery
Tasters included Island Lager, Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, Robson Street Hefeweizen and Gastown Amber Ale.

Steamworks Brewery
Tasters included Lions Gate Lager, Empress IPA, Signature Pale Ale, Heroica Oatmeal Stout, Nirvana Nut Brown Ale, a seasonal Pilsner, a seasonal Hefeweizen and a seasonal Belgian. The crab and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms were excellent. The beer soup is a must try.

The Swan Inn & Pub
Tasters included Pandora Pale Ale, Old Town Bavarian Lager, Buckerfield Bitter, Arctic Ale, Raspberry Ale, Appleton Brown Ale and Riley's Scotch Ale.

Canoe Brewing Company
Tasters included Siren's Song, Red Canoe Lager, Beaver Brown Ale, River Rock Bitter and Winter Gale Strong Ale (seasonal selection).

In total, we tried 42 beers in 4 days. However, when you consider that an average taster glass in 3 ounces, and the total is split between two people, that's about an average beer bottle per day. See, we're not lushes after all. And we only drank beer before noon once!

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