Friday, May 02, 2008

FO Friday

I have no finished objects today, as I already showed them off. However, worth noting is the fact that I am working on a scrap blanket.

Chemo Hat - Knit Pick Shine - Apricot

I have made a lot of Chemo Caps for charity. A lot - almost 3 dozen. I have made them all from Knit Picks Shine Sport. They just came out with new colors that I have to order. Darn. Anyway, the cap calls for 2 skeins, which you only use about 1/3 of the 2nd skein. That makes for leftovers.

A Whole Bunch of Little Squares

A whole bunch of 4" squares. I now have about 80 of them, enough for a baby blanket. With the new colors that Knit Picks has released, it will add some additional depth to the the blanket that I am going to make. I spent some time this weekend and re-knit some of the obviously misshapen ones.

For these squares, I start by casting on 2 and knit one row. At the beginning of every row after that, I knit one into the front and back of the same loop, thereby increasing one. I continue this until I have 30 stitches. I knit one row with no adds. On the next row, I knit one and knit 2 together, knit to the end. I make this decrease at the beginning of every row until I have three stitches left. I slip the first stitch, knit 2 together and slip the first stitch over and pull the tail through. I knit these on US5 needles, and it makes a 4" square for me.

I am going to be making blocks of 4. The garter stitch in this case makes for depth and interest since, when sewn together, it will form squares and chevrons and pleasant geometric designs. I still have about 7 hats to finish, and of course, whatever my next order from Knit Picks will include!

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