Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'll miss you Bob

Every Sunday I update my iPod. Part of the end of weekend ritual. I listen to Podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts. My iPod is occasionally used for music, but when I am commuting, out shopping by myself, or home alone, I listen to podcasts.

The podcasts are related to 5 topics - Knitting (duh - Lime N Violet are the sole reason for my sock obsession and enormous sock yarn stash), Disney (it's an illness - you move away and you become infected), Las Vegas (I have my reasons), Cruising (research, I swear), and NPR (it just happened one day, I don't know why). I do listen occasionally to podcasts unrelated to these five topics, like the Galactica Watercooler (BSG Fan cast) or Norwegian news podcasts (though very similar in presentation to NPR podcasts). They help me fall asleep at night too. No reoccurring insomnia anymore.

One of the podcasts I have been listening to, since receiving my iPod for my birthday in 2006, has been The Dis Unplugged. They are an Orlando based team, and two of the team are owners in a travel agency. They love Disney World - and Disneyland. There are a couple of other podcasts that have a similar loving respect for the first park, the one that Walt walked in, and that's what made them special. One of the podcast team, Bob Varley, passed away suddenly on April 28th. I found out about it today. When there were no podcasts to download again, I knew something had to be wrong.

I can't say how stunned I was to find out about Bob's passing. He was only 58. After reading the message boards at The Dis, the memorials from his team mates, I had a good cry.

Bob was a true character, in all the good ways that can be. He had the heaviest Boston accent I had ever heard. He mangled the English language almost every time he spoke. He had a huge heart, and an easily expressed love for his family and friends.

I regret that I will never be able to meet Bob. I knew that if I ever did, I would have a wonderful and instant friend. Listening to The Dis Unplugged will not be the same without his charming banter with his friends on the team. I will miss the ribbing he would get for any number of things. I will miss his thorough research, sage advice, and mispronunciations.

The world is a little less bright right now. I'll miss you Bob. I'll be thinking of you next time I have to wear the boot.

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